Overseas Program

Overseas Program

Since 2011, SKATTLE’s work with young people in Australia has extended to working with children and other professionals in overseas communities.

Similar to the services we offer in Brisbane, the intention of this work is to support children and teenagers to navigate life-changing experiences in ways that:

  • focus on their strengths and intentions
  • have them feeling heard and acknowledged; and
  • recognise and value their potential.

By drawing on various therapeutic processes and metaphors from the Narrative and Solution Focused approaches, the program aims to acknowledge skills and knowledge and to create stories of resilience that are shared with people from the local community.

The Overseas Program is made possible when facilitators from SKATTLE are joined by a group of trainees who begin their training here in Brisbane before travelling together to undertake a 10 day field practicum with partnering schools and organisations in the host country.

While visiting with these international partners, SKATTLE facilitators and the trainees work closely with local professionals and their clients to share these gentle and empowering approaches to conversations about loss, trauma and hope.

Watch this short video to get a picture of the work that we do in the overseas program, particularly in connecting communities of children across cultures in their stories of hope and resilience.

Here’s another great video that one of the participants from the 2019 created showcasing her experience!


If you would like to find out more about the fantastic work of the Kutumb NGO in Varanasi, India please click this link.

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