Reflecting Team Counselling

Reflecting Team Counselling

SKATTLE is one of the only counselling services in Australia to be able to offer reflecting team counselling

What is reflecting team counselling?

  • It’s just like a normal counselling session, except you get 4-5 counsellors offering input and ideas rather than just 1.
  • The process usually starts with you having a one on one counselling conversation, while the other counsellors observe and take notes.
  • About half way through the session, you swap positions, and you get to observe as the other counsellors talk about what they have been listening to, and offer ideas and insights.
  • You finish up by talking with your counsellor about what stood out and what was helpful, and then the session ends as normal.
  • It’s all confidential and none of what you say will ever leave the room.
  • It’s a very strengths-based process, whereby all the counsellors are looking for strengths, initiatives and resources that you may not even know you have been using to cope with whatever problems you are dealing with.

More often than not, once you’ve had a go at this type of counselling it becomes the preferred option (as opposed to traditional one on one counselling work).

This is because most people love having more than one perspective to listen to, and the amount of ideas and input that are generated in a reflecting team session leave you with heaps to think about and work with.

Why not give it a go? You might have more questions about this type of counselling so please contact us to find out more and to book in.

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