“SKATTLE offer a high standard of counselling that has got me through the darkest of times” Rosanne.

If your family are seeking help that is focused on your unique needs and hopes for the future, SKATTLE is the right fit.

Our counselling services have developed over many years of seeing what works for children, teenagers and families going through difficult life experiences, and we are experts in helping your family to identify what needs to change, and how to do it, to have you walking away stronger and happier.

We work with children, teenagers and families experiencing:

  • Challenging behaviour issues
  • Grief, Loss and Bereavement issues as a result of illness, death, divorce and separation
  • Parenting issues
  • Other difficult life experiences that families might be going through…

Many organisations, schools and medical services around Brisbane refer families to come and talk to us. We also encourage families to contact us directly if you think we might be able to help.

Our counselling model is unique in that it focuses on engaging the entire family through change, not the children and adults separately.

Here’s what one family had to say about our counselling services…

“Family counselling with SKATTLE was such a helpful experience. We felt really broken as a family before we came to SKATTLE. We’d been through some really rough times & had come out the other side a little worse for wear.

I feel like family counselling helped us reconnect again….with quite a lot of expert guidance we were able to put our family back together. All of a sudden we were more focused on our strengths rather than our weaknesses!!!
Like the SKATTLE trees we realised we had strong foundations of trust, loyalty & endurance. We’d just lost our way a little. SKATTLE helped us get back in touch with our core values. Pretty soon we were smiling again & had new direction. The angry monster that had frequented our house for so long was sent packing! He doesn’t visit much anymore & we are so grateful!”
Angela, mother

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