Here’s what people have said about SKATTLE’s counselling services:

  • Thank you so much for all your help when we have been to visit :-) We have been a much better team and when we both actually talk to each other, WOW what a difference it makes for both of us!! It has been great to learn together. Teneale

Here’s what people have said about SKATTLE’s work with groups:

  • The session assisted us greatly in a situation that we’ve never found ourselves in before. We’ll be following up the strategies that were used during the session – we picked up some good tips! We found the variety of resources, the clear visual reinforcement and the opportunities for students to participate actively in the session most useful. Thank you! Natasha
  • I liked talking about my story. I also liked the last week where I read my story and my friends were there.
  • I enjoyed having fun, meeting new friends and being able to share my feelings openly with other people.
  • I like finding out what qualities I have. I will be thinking better about myself.
  • I found it useful to hear what other people have been through and to share my own story. It felt good letting it out.

About SKATTLE’s training:

  • I enjoyed the experience of being able to practice the processes and enhance my skills and confidence in utilising Narrative Therapy.
  • I really enjoyed the training and feel inspired to try out new techniques.
  • I really feel like this is one of the most effective trainings I have done.
  • I enjoyed the opportunity to share and learn together with colleagues as we worked to explore ways to improve our service delivery.
  • I loved the growth throughout the days, for it then to all come together. I loved all of it!
  • I love the energy and down to earth style of presenting.
  • Thanks for a great workshop, it has been a light bulb moment to help me figure out how to counsel people. The demonstrations and structure were greatly appreciated
  • I have had a great 5 day immersion at SKATTLE. I have learned a lot and I have honed my existing skills. I believe I have a pretty good grasp of the process now and I hope I can stick with it and have a lot of practice.
  • I enjoyed the whole session. It was so informative and interactive through which I could learn and adapt my practice.
  • Mix of collaborative work, video, reflection & learning. Supportive environment to share, question & grow.
  • Learning and experiencing in a group of diverse practitioners and all the wonderful skills & knowledge they brought.
  • The way the workshops were delivered in modelling the principles/framework. The distillation and clarity of information.
  • Practicing every part of the process to develop and increased understanding and to enhance my confidence in utilising the tools

About SKATTLE’s Overseas Program:

  • I found it useful that we could apply our learnings in different spaces (i.e. working at the university, with children in the orphanage, the women in Nadesha etc). I think this gave us a broader view of how these processes can be applied. I also found it good to step up in more of a facilitator role, and getting the opportunity to mentor/teach, if even for a small amount!
  • I really enjoyed having the free time around the day’s tasks not only to explore our environment, but to spend time and build good relationships within our team. I think this was paramount in us working so effectively!
  • Being able to put my prior learning into practice and seeing that these practices cross all boundaries and can be implemented in different cultures, countries and under very diverse conditions.  To get the great feedback and participation from the ladies and children that we worked with was inspiring and very affirming of the whole therapeutic process.
  • I loved that we were all there for the same reason, to learn, to consolidate skills, and hopefully to leave the communities we met with some positive thoughts for their future and an increased positive belief in themselves and recognition of their incredible strengths.

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