SKATTLE Limited (ABN 73 161 761 511) is not-for-profit company limited by guarantee which is registered as a Public Benevolent Institution with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC). It commenced operations in April 2013 when, by agreement with Hopewell Hospice Services Inc, the operations of Paradise Kids Brisbane were transferred to it.

SKATTLE has a number of objects in its constitution but the major ones are:

  • To promote the mental health and welfare of the community as a whole, particularly in children, teenagers and young adults in Australia who are dealing with grief and or loss as a result of any life changing event including, but not limited to, such things as death, serious illness, family separation, divorce, displacement, neglect, abuse, trauma or discrimination.
  • To develop the human capital required for the community as a whole to effectively deal with mental disorders irrespective of cause but especially through grief and or loss in children, teenagers and young adults and particularly though improved counselling, education and awareness programs.

SKATTLE’s operations are focused on these two key objects. Its counselling services provide direct support for young people and their families dealing with grief and loss whilst its training services develop the human capital required to provide these services.

SKATTLE’s funding model is based on fees for all services provided. It charges a subsidised fee for its core counselling services but no child will be denied access to our counselling services on the basis of inability to pay. It charges commercial fees for its training services. An added benefit for trainee’s is the satisfaction of knowing they are assisting in the provision of counselling services. Around 40% of SKATTLE’s revenue comes from fees for service. It is reliant on public donations for the balance of its funding. The majority of this funding comes from the ongoing support of a benefactor who was instrumental in the formation of Paradise Kids Brisbane and its continuation through SKATTLE.

The Board of SKATTLE is acutely aware of its governance responsibilities as a result of its receipt of public donations and the tax concessions granted to it. It is committed to an open and transparent culture in its dealings with all stakeholders. It meets these responsibilities through a number of policies that are designed to meet or exceed the standards outlined in the ACNC’s proposed governance standards.