Our Difference

Our Difference

SKATTLE are committed professionals, innovators and leaders in offering counselling support for kids and families in Brisbane.

We are here for families that are experiencing challenges: with their children/teenagers or their role as parents; with grief and loss, trauma or mental health issues; or may just need some help to consider different options for seeing change in their families lives.

We are all professional Narrative and Solution-Focused counsellors that specialise in our field.

We are not interested in diagnosis, dysfunctions or disorders – we are strengths-based counsellors and we believe that all people have the skills and resources to deal with whatever life throws at them. It is our job to help you find ways to cope using your own resilience and skills, not to assess or label you.

So how else are SKATTLE’s values different to other services?

SKATTLE stick to the following principles in all our work with kids and families:

You are the expert

We view the kids and families we see as the experts in their own lives. We are professionals in counselling but you are the professional of your life and how you want it to be different. It’s our job to help you connect the dots to draw your own picture of the future, not to impose our own ideas.

Partnership and collaboration

We want to listen to your experiences, ask questions, and include all family members in a collaborative partnership focused on whatever you want to take away from your time at SKATTLE.

Skills and Strengths

We help you to identify the skills and strengths you have and the ways you can use these to keep getting stronger. We all have skills and strengths that can get lost in times of hardship – it’s our job to help you tap into these again.


We aim to be clear on how we work with kids and families and ask for regular feedback to ensure we are being authentic and honest in the way that we work.

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