SKATTLE is special because we are both practitioners and educators in the human services field.

Counselling Services

SKATTLE family counselling services assist children, teenagers and their families with any difficulties associated with life-changing experiences.

If your family have experienced grief, loss, trauma, divorce, separation or challenging behaviours we can help you.

Professional Development

SKATTLE are industry leaders in practice development for all human service workers.

All of the facilitation, supervision and training are underpinned by Narrative, Solution-Focused and Strengths-based approaches to human services practice.

Latest Articles

What’s The Difference Between Counselling And Psychology?

What’s The Difference Between Counselling And Psychology?

2 min read

This is a question I hear a lot. A big part of the answer relates to specialisations in the mental health field, and what different professionals in counselling and psychology bill themselves as ‘experts’ in. The thing is with counselling (as opposed to psychology), we don’t tend to put as much emphasis on specialisations because of one […]

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